Overwatch guide: how to win at Escort, Assault and Control modes


Overwatch guide: how to win at Escort, Assault and Control modes

Overwatch may only have three different modes (at the moment) but make no mistake: all three require different thinking if you plan to win the match. Your choice of heroes and the tactics you and your team employ will vary depending on whether you’re battling in Escort, Assault or Control mode.

Here we have a run-down of each mode, how to play to strengths, strategies to deploy and observations on trends that are starting to show in the early days of the game.

Overwatch: How to win at Escort

Clutching victory from the jaws of defeat is always a possibility in this slow moving though always thrilling, highly strategic game mode. Here’s the skinny from both sides.

The premise of Escort is a variant of Payload from Team Fortress 2, but as with all aspects of Overwatch, the strategy is not so cut and dried. Like Payload, Escort requires one team to deliver a slow moving vehicle to its destination, passing through several checkpoints along the way. Meanwhile, the defending team tries all it can to halt progress. The attacking team is up against a time limit for each checkpoint, and failure to cross the line results in match failure. Really, the pressure is all on the attackers to keep calm and organised because defenders only need to prevent the vehicle from reaching the goal… often with mere inches to spare.


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