Overwatch guide: best hero team comps


Overwatch guide: best hero team comps

Want to clean up in Overwatch? You’re right, there’s no quick and easy solution. You can, however, give yourself a handle on the game with this VG247-certified good time gang.

Balancing six-hero teams in Overwatch greatly depends on the mode you’re playing and the strengths/preferences of guys by your side. But if you’ve managed to assemble six friends for the evening and want to be in with a fighting chance at the very least, we’ve settled on this merry band of thieves to steal victory from the over-keen and desperately disorganised.

So as not to upset the helper on the menu, which aggravates the OCD in some people when boxes are left unchecked, the VG247 Foundational Team is spread across all four Roles. That said, we do favour agile Offense heroes and chose our Tank because of her unlimited ammo. Basically, this team is built for fun and pins down the opposition while not becoming easy targets. Notable omissions include Reinhardt (too specific) and Bastion (too needy), but they can always be substituted for their respective Tank and Defence roles if you’re desperate.


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